Your Google Business View tour on your Facebook Page 

A quick overview on how to embed your Virtual Tour  to a Facebook Page with the WooBox APP

 Updated 2/19/16

As with everything Google, steps and processes change. Google removed the “Old Maps” option and has now moved Google+ to a very different User Interface.

The WooBox app still works and installs the same way as before. The important steps is to install as the admin or owner of the page not as the Page. The link and embed option is NOW found by clicking on the 3 vertical dots in the top left corner of the Google Maps See inside window. The embed functions are very much the same as before from there. Here is a graphical look at the steps.

Google Street View, Virtual Tour, Embed Tour,

The Steps:

  • Login to Facebook as an admin user for your Page NOT as the Page.
  • In the APP box on the Left, click More
  • Search for WooBox Page Tab and select Install
  • Authorize the App to your Page
  • Click Settings in the Tab Admin options box
  • Scroll down to the Page Source section where you can paste HTML code (should be selected by default)
  • Google has a NEW embed code creator in New Google Maps here is the  Link to Blog Post 
  • Once you have found the place you want visitors to start copy the embed code from the link section on Google Maps and paste it into the Page Source box on your Facebook Page tab
  • Save the settings and leave the tab and go back to your Page then click back on the Tab to make more edits
  • I Like to rename the tab from default Welcome to Virtual Tour, See Inside or something else that will work for you
  •  Below is the default Gate selection I used. These selections appear to work fine and even non fans will be able to see the tour

Admin options

  • I created a 111px X 74px thumbnail image to replace the WooBox default image and uploaded it. Then Saved Settings again
  • Go to the More Pull down menu under your cover image and select Manage Tabs and move the Tour to a place you want the tour to reside
  • Your tour is now accessible from The Link under the cover image and it is also in the on the left side in the Apps Box

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  1. There’s and few hoops to jump through but read on and we’ll get your Virtual Tour on Facebook in no time.

    • Terry Babij says:

      Thanks for the comment. Just so you know Facebook will not deliver custom tabs to Mobile where many or most consume their Facebook content.


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