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In the past I have visited Ningbo many times for business. I stayed at nice business hotels. This time I am staying at a 2 star hotel that is very close to the Moon Lake Scenic District. There are several park areas along a river with lakes right in the city. Several years ago while in Ningbo I happened to find my way to this park and it had a very different bridge. It must have been much cooler then, I don’t remember the swimmers.

Moon Lake bridge in Ningbo

This trip every time I go the bridge there is a what seams to be a continuous stream of people walking or on electric bikes crossing the bridge. Many people arrive at or near sunrise and continuously there after. They are there to swim in the lake, or exercise on many of the interesting devices in the park. They dance or practice Taichi to music, walk dogs and more.

On Monday I happened upon a building in the park I wanted to show against the blue sky. Here is the colour and an infra red image of the building.

I arrived each morning at or before the rising of the sun. So far all days have been blue sky days. We had a cloudburst Monday around supper time and it was clear soon after. On Tuesday I headed to the south end of the park and found a bridge with a concrete gazebo lit with ambient light. Here is a 30 Second image. A little Spicify from Topaz to spice up the image.

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