Day 3 Lijiang

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For the 3rd day clouds have obscured Jade Snow Mountain. Alister and I rode into Lijiang on the electric bike for some night or predawn images.

Here is an image from our Monday morning shoot. Lijiang Old Town before sunriseWe were talking about the idea of many who believe you have to get it right in camera. Another thought is to get all the data you can save in the images or captures for post process.

There are so many things you need to remember when doing night photography. A few points are take a evaluative exposure to check focus. Focus then select manual focus so you don’t have your camera hunting for focus when exposing. Remote release a must or at least 2 second delay and make sure your shadows are our of the frame. I found the red light from the Canon 5D MKIII is so bright and may reflect a red colour cast, I used some gaffer tape to cover the light.

If you are interested in more information about night photography here is a link to Alister’s  web site and his e-books 

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    1. Jim that is needed when you have ambient light to deal with. Just so happens when I changed out my Canon straps with Crumplers I forgot the covers. I have gaffer tape on my camera body and a hat. The big issue with the Canon camera is the red exposing light on the back of the camera. Gaffer tape fixed that problem. Alister showed me a shot of Ali taking a night shot and the red wash behind her was very evident. Alister’s book Seeing the Unseen is a great reference guide. We will be heading out several nights while on this adventure.

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