Google Maps Business View Elevator Widget

Google’s Elevator Widget will whisk you from floor to floor in multilevel businesses.

Updated June 8, 2016

New Google Maps Elevator Widget
New Google Maps Elevator Widget

In Google Maps the elevator widget will be at the lower right corner of the browser window above the compass arrow. To change floors simply click on another floor to visit that floor in the tour. The floor you are on is the highlighted or darker number. Booth of these examples are on the first floor.


Updated view form iOS 6/16

Google’s Maps mobile APP for iOS now has the floor selector on available on the lower left of the tour display.  

Latest Google Maps view from Google Maps App on iOS

Latest Google Maps view from Google Maps App on iOS


Below is an entire New Desktop Google Map page layout with the elevator widget at the lower right of the browser window.

Elevator Widget


In the tour preview window of a Google+ Places page there is now an option to select to start a tour at inside or outside the business. Multiple Views from Places PageWhen there is more than 1 floor a viewer can select the floor he or she want to begin the tour. The image below show the various starting points for a tour.







Fig 5: 6/16 Google Maps APP Business search results with new icons and thumbnail links to tour and photos
Fig 6: 6/16 When clicking on any thumbnail the searcher will be delivered to the photo or tour. Now tours are active and you can spin the view.


Updated 6/8/16

In Fig 5: The searcher is delivered location information  with a thumbnails for original “See inside” and “See outside” views. The “Photos” tab contains all Google and customer uploaded images. When the searcher clicks on one of the three thumbnails the Photos grid is presented to the searcher. If there is an entry point or virtual tour the thumbnail is active and moves when scrubbed over. To open photo or tour the searcher only need to open the image.


Original post NOTE from 8/14: At time of posting the Elevator Widget does not work with Google Mobile Maps and the view selector does not work in the G+ mobile APP on iOS, I cannot speak to Android. The Widget will work on iPad in the Chrome and Safari Browsers, by tricking to stay in the browser rather than opening the Map APP.

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  1. I’m pretty pleased to happen on this site. I really appreciate your work and I can’t waiting for your further posts. Thanks!

        1. Thanks for reaching out Joel. I can only speak to how I now moderate and publish tours. I use GoThru for moderation and publication. When importing images you would add the unique images for each level. I do believe Al at GoThru has tutorials on his site.

          Hope this helps?

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