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Google has added several options to share Google Maps Business View tours on many channels.

There is a great value in adding your Google Maps Business View tour to your websites. Your website visitors are likely to spend more time exploring the tour. Google provides the HTML code to add to your site that creates an iframe or box that contains your tour. This is very similar to the embed function to add a Google Map with your business location. The new embed tool provides a much streamlined line of code that can be customized for size and now has the link View full screen in Google Maps as well. The link is in the title box top left of the frame.

I have numbered steps in the image below and the steps are listed below the image.

New Google Maps Embed Options

As easy as…

  1. Go to the Google Maps Business View tour on New Google Maps and click on the gear icon lower right corner of the page.
  2. Click on the Share or embed image.
  3. To share the tour click on the Share link option and you can copy and paste the link in email, messages, posts on most social media platforms or channels.
  4. I you want to have Google provide a shortened URL link select the Shirt URL box and then copy and paste. Note: some people do not like to follow shortened links since they may not know where the link will take them.
  5. To embed the image in an iframe select the Embed image option. From there you are offered 3 sizes of iframe or you can select Custom size. 
  6. When you select custom size you enter the preferred frame width and height in pixels. This is dynamic and automatically changes the contents of the code generated. If you want to see the actual window on your screen resolution you can click on the blue Preview link.

I have selected to use 600 X 300 frames for both my website and my Facebook Page. I have posted about how to add a Tour to Facebook Pages with the Woobox app here

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