Lijiang My first stop in China

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Several years ago I saw a CCTV program on Lijiang while in China. I have now learned it is a UNESCO city in the mountains of South West China. A few months back I saw a post from Alister Benn of Available Light Images on Google + and a light went on. Here is a link to Alister’s page

Here is the view from Alister’s and Junali’s home.

I will be studying and traveling around the area of Lijiang for my first week. Alister is active on Google +  and Facebook.

I hope to be posting regularly from China. I have now subscribed to a VPN service to enable posting and communicating from China.

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    1. Thank Alister, checked in and enjoying a draft in the Air Canada lounge:) Hope to catch a few hours on the Toronto Heathrow leg.

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