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Monday July 11 was my last day before heading west to the Taibai Mountains. The morning started out with heavy rain and it rained on and off throughout the day. Starbucks did not have their Wi-Fi up when I stopped in after finding out only tours to Taibai are offered on weekends all others are go and venture on your own or meet up.

When the rain let up for a bit I returned to my hotel and geared up for a wander on the wall. I headed south to an entrance and then paid my 40 Yuan. I walked west first to the main southern gate that provided a view of the Bell Tower from the south. With the rain and humidity it was not a great view. In the circle the Colours of Yunnan Hotel or Restaurant was quite stunning.

From the wall you can look into the old city with ease. Here are 2 shots of a street vendors selling various goods and passers by.

What to buy?

There are many people walking, cycling and for those who want to see the 16km with out breaking a sweat there are the electric carts. Here are some fun shots of some of the people I captures from various as I headed east then to the main gate on the east wall.

Son takes pics while mom works and stays dry.

His wife does not understand the concept of tandem, and there is a steep up-slope ahead!

Only pedestrians or bikes to hit up here! Don’t try on streets with killer cars.


For those who would rather be driven.

I cannot read the Tagline for the ad. Mine would be think outside the box.

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    1. Thanks much Alister. I am putting your instruction to good use. It is fun trying to make motion type images without the aid of an ND filter. I found I can push my ISO down to 50 and that gives me an extra stop:)

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