Gyms and Wellness Facilities

A Google Street View | Trusted virtual tour combined with professionally captured still images and informative reviews can help your business’s organic search results. In Google Maps and Google Search there is a “See inside” image link that whisks searchers to a predetermined location in the tour created for the business. Tours have the intuitive Google Street View experience and are created to take visitors to selected areas of the business and give them a 360 degree look inside or outside.

Included with a tour package are high resolution photographs with wide angle views of inside, outside of the business, waiting and other areas. All images are supplied for your unrestricted use and uploaded to Google as part of your virtual tour package. All edited and developed images are provided in Full or High Resolution up to 24 megapixels, up to 1920X1080 Low Resolution and up to 2560X1920 iPAD Retina Medium Resolution.  

Feel free to explore the tours below. You can either navigate the tour in the 600X300 frame or Click on the title or the View on Google Maps link top left area of the frame to open in Google Maps.

Aroma Day Spa, Hamilton, ON

Gravity Climbing Gym, Hamilton, ON

Open your doors with Google Street View | Trusted Photography

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