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Dental and Medical Facilities

Dental and Medical Facilities can benefit from Google Street View | Trusted virtual tours. Your custom tour will open your doors to prospective and current clients every day. You can be sure your contact information and and hours are accurate when you manage your business with Google My Business.  A tour is an ideal marketing tool that showcases your facility and the diagnostic equipment. A Google Street View Virtual | Trusted Tour will provide viewers with a look In side at the public areas of your business. All tours have the intuitive Google Street View feel and experience. Many people now use Google Maps to find providers of services and check the area for parking, safety and landmarks to familiarize themselves before visiting or making appointments.Why not harness the power of the search tool most people use? Help get noticed!

Included with a tour package are high resolution photographs with wide angle views of inside, outside of the business, waiting and other areas. All images are supplied for your unrestricted use and uploaded to Google as part of your virtual tour package. All edited and developed images are provided in Full or High Resolution up to 24 megapixels, up to 1920X1080 Low Resolution and up to 2560X1920 iPAD Retina Medium Resolution.  

Feel free to explore the tours below. You can either navigate the tour in the 600X300 frame or Click on the title or the View on Google Maps link top left area of the Frame to open in Google Maps.

Oakville Plastic Surgery, Oakville, ON

Grover Dental Care, Rebecca, Hamilton, ON

Grover Dental Care-Rymal Road, Ancaster, ON

Ancaster X-Ray and Ultrasound, Ancaster, ON

Other custom tours

Grover Dental Care Hayden Rd, Hamilton, ON

GDC Implant & Denture Centre, Ancaster, ON

Charlton  X-Ray and Ultrasound, Hamilton, ON

Open your doors with Google Street View | Trusted Photography

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