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I share many images from events I photograph on my Flickr stream. Facebook is  where I connect with my friends and industry colleagues. My Facebook Page is where I share Photography and Business information. Twitter is my sharing and interactions at 140 characters or less. LinkedIn is my professional profile. Pinterest is a a wonderful place to see interesting ideas in images very much like scrapbooking on steroids. Also a great place for collaboration. 

Here are several Social Media sites where you can find me. I have been active on a wide variety of Social Media platforms for several years. I presented on Social Media at the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s annual show and conference in Chicago in 2012.

Selecting the appropriate channels for your business is not a one size fits all solution. You need to find out where your industry and prospects are and test the waters. My number 1 rule is never post anything I would not have wanted my mother to see.



Facebook Page

Twitter @TBabij



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